April 19, 2024

The Dark Secrets of Food Photographers in 2021

Social media is a place to find all the latest updates from your favorite bloggers, restaurants, and businesses. It’s also home to some of the most beautiful food photography you’ll ever see. But what about those stunning pictures that make your mouth water? How do professional photographers get such delicious photos? You might be surprised! Professional chefs don’t always use their own recipes for these spectacular dishes; they can just add an extra photo-op by using white glue in lieu of cheese or other goodies like ham, avocado slices, and tomatoes on top of tasty pizza crusts instead (gasp!).

Everybody loves food but it’s hard not to feel tricked when we scroll through social media posts only have them turn out as advertisements with no mention whatsoever that.

Tips and Tricks

Shaving cream for that fuzz.

Whipping cream melts very easily at room temperature, a fact that is pretty well-known. Hence, the option of using whipped cream over smoothies, pancakes, and other desserts in food photography is not a good one. Rather, you can use shaving foam. And as you are not going to eat it, no one is wiser 😊 .

Motor Oil

It is not often that you see a breakfast of pancakes, but when mom said it was time to eat I knew she would be serving up something special. That’s because the nice golden brown color and syrup are replaced with an inedible substance; motor oil! It may sound gross, but it makes for great photographs so we can show how delicious they are without worrying about them getting soggy too quickly.

White Glue

Use of white glue, or as some call it “Elmer’s Paste”, is a popular tool for photographers to keep the cereals crunchy and appealing in their pictures. This substance will also help them take shots of pouring milk without spilling droplets everywhere. While there are many that might cringe at the thought of eating this adhesive with breakfast cereal on top, they do not have to worry about being stuck with something too mushy because Elmer’s paste has no flavor.

It’s cardboard, Silly!!

Do you know those burgers that you get in ads? They look perfect and aligned, but when you actually order it, the burger looks like a hot mess. Well, guess what! That’s because they use cardboards to make sure all of their layers are evenly distributed so your mouth doesn’t have to suffer from pins found inside cardboard-free hamburgers as well or uneven distribution of toppings. Now, this is one secret advertiser don’t want us to know about it!

We love Wax!!

Many people don’t know that sauce used in food photos is not always the same as what they see when they eat it. Food stylists often use wax to get the right color and texture, which can cause problems for photography if you try using a real-life version of your favorite pasta dish with marinara sauce.

The consistency of any kind of commercial sauces will never be quite like how we think because most are made from candy or other sweeteners without significant amounts of tomato paste found in homemade varieties, but there’s more than just sweetness going on here!

And we thought that deodorants were used for something else

If you want to make your fruit look good on camera, put a few squirts of deodorant over it! This will give the fruits that shiny appearance and if you get them in just the right light, they’ll be stunning.

Mashed potatoes are a photographer’s best friend.

From making ice creams to stuffing chicken, mashed potatoes are the real deal. Under normal room temperature and all lighting, there is no way you will get a good picture of iced cream. They surely melt in minutes with exposure to room temperatures! But if it’s about mashed potato or any other food that looks great under warmer-than-room temp lighting conditions is the perfect substitute.

Food photography has become an art form in its own right, with food professionals and photographers aiming to make their dishes look as appetizing as possible. Maybe you just want to offer cooking classes or start a blog. Or maybe you just want more food photography tips for improving your skills at home. Either way, we hope this article gave you something new! Do call us if you have any questions about our services or would like help getting started down the path getting great food photographs.

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