July 22, 2024

The 6 Types Of Food Photography Explained in 2021

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

Ansel Adams

Expression of a real life scenario in the most elegant and magnificent fashion is coined as the art of photography. The purpose of all shutterbugs is not to earn a living out of depicting vignettes. It rather is that of bringing life to anything and everything extensively synonymous to reality. 

Well, the terminology of food photography is a still life food photography genre that is used to create attractive still life photographs of food. Anyhow, no definition can do justice to how intrigue and exquisite the same is. The art of the visual representation of food can, at its best, be expressed as the sort in whom any delicious piece is brought to life via the skills of a photographer and the magic of their camera.

While food photography is already a mind-blowing realm in the photography field, there is abundant more to acknowledge about the same. Food photography introduces variety and unique diversity! 

While on the same, food variations include types such as packshots, documentary food photography amongst others

Elaborated explanation of a few of the variations is as such:


Packshots, synonymous to product photography is the variety of food clicking for associations. They, in a manner, are the product themselves.  Snaps for the same are incorporated in the clicked brand’s websites and for mentions in the media and so on. Anyhow, the prime purpose of the same is to be the face of what the consumers may buy.

We all have witnessed packshots an abundant amount of times since they are utilized by all food delicacy firms globally. Popularized and active brands, namely McDonalds, PepsiCo. and Nestle incorporated with many such others, have attracted an enormous population due to the shots they have utilized constantly on multiple occasions. Famed names such as Lenka and Marc Hayden have made a largely successful career out of the food product shutterbugs clicking art!


Similar to the packshots, advertising photography fall within the commercial assortment of food photography. These clicks are utilized in the label’s virtual advertisements, pamphlets, newspaper ads, catalogues, hoardings, billboards, etc.

This category includes depiction of the product in numerous unique and eye-catching ways which attract possible future consumers. It is the art of mingling the photographer’s imaginations with products to bring out the best of both world and incorporate them into an image.

Famed eateries such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino’s and Coca Cola have attracted large group of people base their advertising photos!

Editorial or mood photography

Food photography done for the purpose of setting is an editorial type, i.e. the category highlighting the representation of the food via a story or mood.

Utilizing a cutting board with foods laid out all over it, ready to be cooked or using tea plant images or tea cups to depict the beauty of the production of tea in order to attract the audience through representing the magnificence involved in producing the outcome that is being sold in the market can be said as some ideal examples for the type of food photography used to set the mood.


Recipe photography is the variety of food photography in which the products are processed into recipes. Whether making pancakes from a brand’s base or cooking pizza, this type incorporates all recipes used to represent the readiness and utility of the products.

This is the type of food photography that is witnessed by all consumers including you and I, on a day–to-day basis. Seen in catalogues, cookbooks, advertisements, etc., recipe photographs are seen everywhere since it is an intrigue yet informative way of attracting consumers.


Lifestyle food photography is like a world in itself. The variety aims to show the audience how the clicked products are used by consumers on a daily basis by incorporating in the images models as well as their product.

We have all often seen these types of photographs in advertisements, catalogues and hoardings.

Lifestyle food photographs are clicked to make the viewers comfortable by seeing others actually utilize the product being advertised and enjoy it.

Consequently, the product no longer stays the subject of highlight but rather becomes the subject of the story being depicted by models and actors used in the clicks.


While being extensively intriguing, or adorable at times, documented food photography is the type of food photography in which real life images of the product usage by consumers are used to show the honesty and transparency of the brand.

Mostly documentary food photographs are a series of images combined to tell the story behind the product or food, how it was made, what the origin of its ingredients are. 

From depicting the manufacturing in the factories to an adorable kid having ice cream, these include it all!

Overall, food photography is a vast and filling genre of photography. Various types of photography have all witnessed us and are extremely interesting to grasp about! The few mentioned above have the capacity of attraction and by just the right click can brand change its image without warning! A food photograph is capable of luring the viewer or to possibly make a consumer a permanent one.

Food photography and its types have always been out of the world and different yet magnificent food photographs never seem to fail the brand!

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