July 22, 2024
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Best Food Photographers in India 2021

When you are seeing advertisements and menu cards of restaurants, you might wonder how do the pictures alone make you feel more hungry than you already are. The amount of effort and proficiency that goes into food photography is something to think about. The reason why these pictures make the customers interested in the food is because of the effectiveness of the images. This effect is brought by professional food photographers who put all their effort into getting the right kind of vibe from the delicacies.

Let us get acquainted with some of the best food photographers and agencies that create food photography of top standards.

E-commerce Photography

Website:- https://ecommercephotography.in

This particular agency brings spirit to food and food products with their photography abilities. Skilled photographers have spent years apprehending the elegance of food elements and rolling them into mouth-watering images. They clarify the awareness of flavor and appeal that one gets from a real plate of delicacies. They offer services from studios and on-location being sure of your necessities. They make food photography for footnotes, cookbooks, packaging, net, print, and advertisement purposes.

Arjun Kartha

Website: https://www.arjunkarthaphotography.com/tag/top-food-photographer-delhi/

Arjun Kartha is a Delhi-based food photographer who creates wonders with his camera. Arjun Kartha also runs a studio named Thoda Strong along with his wife Praerna Kartha. With knowledge of Computer Science and Advertising, Arjun Kartha was much rather interested in capturing images of food that people loved. Although he didn’t plan to do much with computers yet he is now busy editing pictures for restaurants and sponsoring purposes. He undertakes projects to bring the best out of the restaurants and helps to increase their marketing statics through his work. People can’t help but want to dig into the food that is captured by this renowned photographer. 

Ravi Kant Photography

Website: https://www.ravikantphotography.com

Ravikant is a well-experienced Professional product and food photographer who comes from Delhi. He is well known for his work in product, food, and drinks, interior-exterior, illustration, lifestyle, and promotional photography. He has professional expertise of more than 8 years with clients from both national and international levels. His main objective is to ensure top-notch quality projects and delivery of work within the due date to his customers. He has proceeded to ascertain a highly efficient, reasonable, and personal style, through years of inconsistent life occasions. He is a photographer with a professional studio that ensures the client of the best quality work.

Anwita+Arun Photography

Website: https://www.anwita-arun.in

Anita and Arun Sarin are creative duos who bring life to food images. They work together as food stylists and food photographers giving their clients just enough to rely on. They were before working for textile industries before pursuing a career in food photography. Nothing can be as difficult as building a portfolio that comprises the most creative ideas. Nonetheless, this couple went up for food photography. Due to the perspective of common hospitality, their business blew up. Their main objective while doing a project is to complement the food with the best props, colors, and backgrounds. 

103 Studios

Website: https://photographers.canvera.com/bangalore/103-studios?a=showtab&t=49

103 studios are a team of photographers based in Bangalore. They excel at their kinds of food photography starting from the mocktails to the desserts and everything in between. They can bring out the real texture and details of the food through their images.

The team also specializes in other genres of photography like wedding photography, portraiture, nature photography and kids photography.

Laskshya Manwani Photography

Facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/lakshyamanwaniphotography

Lakshay Manwani is a photographer based in Delhi, who has become a household name for his amazing skills in wedding, pre-wedding, based wedding photography. He is also famous for clicking amazingly, styles, delivering curious food shots ideal for editorial and advertisement purposes.


Socios is a group of photographers from Kolkata who are known for taking highly detailed advertising and editorial styled food photography, tackling crepes, salads, desserts and dimsums.

They also specialize in genres like wedding, portraiture and fashion photography.

Ecommerce Photography India

Website: https://www.ecommercephotographyindia.com

If you are looking for cost-effective and great food photography then you have to make sure to visit the website of Ecommerce Photography India. Not only do they ensure that your products are selling well but also gives you the greatest services at a reasonable rate. Radiance Vision is a Mumbai-based company that is not only the validated dealer for the biggest e-commerce applications in India such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. but is also believed by more than 10,000 merchants to the current date. Hence, you would like to get your hands on the best e-commerce photography services that will lead your business with the help of professionals.

Pawan Manglani

Website: https://www.pawanmanglani.com/portfolio-category/food-photography/

Based in Mumbai, Pawan Manglani is a photographer who is well known for capturing images of food, products, beverages and interior expanses. The services provided by his faculty is of top-notch quality and it makes the presentation look more lively and enthusiastic. He has worked with several brands such as one of the world’s biggest food chains, KFC and Starbucks. The services given by them will make your menu look more appealing and appetizing to the customers both on the internet and as well as your restaurant itself.

Studio Memoir

Studio Memoir is a Delhi based photography group that is committed to capturing pictures of food in such a way that brings together vibrant cand texture in a most delicious way. They specialize in food photography, Wedding photography, babies and kids photography.

So these were the best food photographers in India in 2021. Hiring food photographers for you business is going to be a very beneficial investment for you if you choose the right one. Professional food photographers bring out the best pictures of the food which you can post in social media, menu cards, leaflets, hoardings and so on to attract customers. If your food pictures are great people tend to believe that you offer great service. Thus having a good photographer is very essential to run a successful food business.

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